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    The retail store image designer, opened the store to choose Foshan Yongchuangyi shelves!


    Real material, quality assurance

    20 years of production experience, strict implementation of quality management system, cast industry quality, create a boutique shelf brand

    brand cooperation

    Chain brand one-stop service

    AEON, Haoduo, RT-Mart, Mingchuang Premium, Nomi and other brand shelf suppliers provide all-round cooperation.

    Whole store layout

    CAD plane planning, 3D rendering

    Shop decoration Product display to the whole store customized full-service, enhance the overall image of the store


    Focus on quality shelf customization

    One-on-one service, create your own exclusive store style, one-stop shopping, let you save money and save money.

    Caring service

    Installation service, customer first

    Professional customer service team, enthusiasm to provide you with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service to solve your worries.

    product design production

    Provider super shelf design, production, installation through-train service

    display solution

    360° all-round one-stop shop service

    Maternal and child home

    Mingchuang boutique

    Nomi Home Museum

    Digital / Stationery Bookstore

    Imported food store

    Maternal and child home museum display design

    Maternal and child shop theme style: small fresh, warm. First of all, we must consider the overall decoration design of the shop from the parents' psychology. The store's light green color is matched with the bright yellow to give a fresh and warm atmosphere. At the same time, the pregnant and female areas, the children's daily necessities area, the children's clothing area, the milk powder area and the diaper area are arranged. The toy area enables customers to remember the products they need, introduces their minds to attract customers with novel design concepts, creates classified shopping scenes, and makes customers feel natural and resonate. More importantly, in order to attract customers to buy.

           In addition to the decoration design, the maternal and child shop should master the layout and color matching, and ensure the environmental protection, people-oriented, and at the same time reflect the characteristics of the mother and baby, let people feel warm, have affinity, in order to highlight the quality.

           Yongchuangyi focuses on the whole store output, and has experienced in store style design, maternal and child shelf layout, merchandise display, service concept and other aspects.

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    Boutique display design

    Mingchuang boutiques include three different wall cabinets in the "1" shape, "7" shape and double column shape. The combination is flexible, with scientific, multi-purpose shelf design and different sizes to choose from. And adopt one-way access design, no matter whether the staff is arranging goods or customers are convenient to take things, but also can beautify the space of the field, and at the same time it can use the wall's own stability, the shelf is made as high as space. Personalized customization according to different load-bearing and design requirements, to expand the display space for the store, and to create a stylish and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

    In addition, the boutique also introduces a variety of mid-island cabinets, water tables, small stacks, five-story ladders, A-frames, three-layer circular frames, poster frames, umbrella stands and other supporting equipment, which is convenient for you. purchase.

            The store's whole store design reflects the experience requirements of simplicity, fashion and generosity. Yongchuang Art combines many years of experience in boutique design to provide customers with professional boutique shelf services.

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    Home living museum display design

    Nomi nome: Nordic style, creating a warm home in a simple atmosphere. Mainly in household products, at the same time operating clothing, shoes, bags and other categories, covering the daily life field, providing practical products and life inspiration for people's daily life. Make great efforts to create "artwork in life". Nome integrates its ideas into the brand, designing to explore the needs of humanity, returning to the essence of life, and permeating every detail of life. At the same time, the designer discovers beauty in life and injects it into the work, which in turn brings new beauty to life. This cycle of sustainability is the true relationship between nome, design, exploration and life. Use a temperature-based design to explore the beauty of life and explore new life.

           Yongchuangyi Shelf Co., Ltd.--To meet people's pursuit of high-quality storefronts

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    Stationery store display design

    The biggest feature of the stationery store is that it is rich in variety and has many items. To ensure sufficient safety, it is also necessary to consider the comprehensiveness of the display. This is in the process of designing and decorating the stationery store. It is necessary to consider the design rationally and can be based on the quantity and type of products. Overall planning of sales methods, such as lighting layout and color matching, which can make better use of space and promote the effect of the entire decoration facade. Under such circumstances, more customers will be brought. More customers.

           Stationery stores must have a style, which is a key point in the decoration design to express the characteristics, and the decoration design style to form a characteristic guarantee process, just can give people a good visual effect and experience, more free Enjoy the taste and unique charm brought by the style.

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    Imported food store display design

    The warm and natural atmosphere of the imported food store is abundant here. The food on the floor shelf is very rich. You can choose from a wide variety of products here. The lemon yellow wall finish with yellow oak color shelf is very warm and full of one. The warmth of the house, the ceiling in the ceiling and the simple wall lamp enhance the bright atmosphere, the gray floor tiles are laid flat, and the integrated design of the yellow oak cabinet is coordinated to store excess goods. The cascading design can also place more items. The dazzling array of foods gives you a strong desire to buy, and the overall design is very reasonable.

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    About Yongchuangyi

    Company introduction

    The retail store image designer, opened the store to choose Foshan Yongchuangyi shelves!

    Company Profile

    Foshan Yongchuangyi Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service modern enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, supply, store installation and retail store image design. The company's main products include: steel and wood shelves, maternal and child store shelves, stationery store shelves, clothing store shelves and supporting production supermarket shopping carts, promotional vehicles (tables), oblique basket shelves, shopping baskets, hooks and a variety of hardware accessories series, etc. Super-support facilities.

            Since its inception, we have continuously introduced sophisticated automated production equipment, and established a product R&D design team with world vision to create a scientific and perfect production management and product quality inspection system, and abide by the business philosophy of “winning by quality” to produce It has a brand-new equipment enterprise with novel design, multi-functionality, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation and intimate service.

            At present, Yongchuang Yi products are favored by AEON (China) Commercial Co., Ltd., Suning Group, SF Express Group, China National Offshore Oil Group and other brands, and the products are exported to many countries and regions. In the future, we will continue to welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate.

    development path

    Service process

    Store service process

    Field measurement

    Design layout

    Product quotation

    Order production

    Package delivery

    Home installation

    Enterprise strength

    Introducing precision machinery and equipment to create excellent quality in the industry

    Talented R&D team

    Independent design is an important means of achieving product innovation, and is also the basis for customized services for commercial and super equipment. To this end, Yongchuang Yi has been committed to building a Chinese-foreign fusion product R&D team consisting of resident design and foreign partner R&D institutions since its inception. Designed with a global vision, the design is sublimated into the essence of Yong Chuangyi's craftsmanship for many years, forming a self-stylization of the product.

    Automatic punching machine

    Yongchuangyi introduces precision cutting equipment and a series of automatic punching machines in industrial powers, so that each slot on the product is even and uniform, the incision is fine and round, and the tentacles are not sharp, which not only greatly guarantees the stability of use, but also expands the cabinet. The hang buckle function of the frame has both artistic decoration effect.

    Multifunctional grooving machine

    The production of lightweight, beautiful and load-bearing hardware cabinets requires scientific use of different channel steels. Yongchuangyi introduces sophisticated gutter equipment, which can automatically produce different kinds of standard or special-shaped metal troughs. It has the advantages of precise angle, standard, detailed shape, controllability, and no damage to the original physical properties of the metal. The inherent stability and appearance of the product.

    Automatic welding machine

    Fully automatic welding equipment, the computer program precisely controls the sticking time of each solder joint, and has a welded joint and a smooth and delicate interface. It can also standardize the precision welding of many solder joints, change the roughness of hand soldering and the instability of welding quality, so that the quality and quality of the products can be harmonious and beautiful.

    Scientific board processing

    Yongchuangyi uses green MDF as the substrate, and introduces foreign machinery in strict accordance with the design intention. It is equipped with excellent plate edge-sealing equipment and edge-sealing technology to prevent the chemical substances in the wood from escaping, combined with precision plate punching and The scientific installation and quality inspection process will create a green, fashionable and natural and elegant business and super-business environment for consumers.

    Humanized warehouse management

    According to the modern warehouse constructed by modern logistics concept, a large number of modern merchants, super equipments and semi-finished products are systematically stored, which saves the long waiting period of the customer owners. Most of the standardizers, super equipments and some products can be picked up on the same day.

    News information

    Yongchuang Art provides you with comprehensive industry information

    How about Nomi's home? How to Choose Store Location for NOME Shelf Community Convenience Store


      一. Reference Criteria for Store Location  There are no less than 10,000 inhabitants in the radius of 1,500 meters, including no less than 1,500 households in the radius of 200 meters.  2. Street-fac

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    How should the storage shelves be maintained and prolonged?


      With the development of modern logistics skills, the utilization rate of warehouse shelves is also increasing. Many factors will affect the service life of warehouses, such as temperature, humidity,

    What are the skills of store merchandise display and how to promote sales quickly?


      The orderly and regular display of goods will not only give customers the impression of good management and attentive service, but also help stores to better manage goods, create a scientific atmosp

    Foshan Yongchuangyi Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Website QR code

    Wangpu QR code

    Contact Us

    Address: No. 1-3, Xuhan Building, Jinsha Xilianwai Development Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

    Contact: Miss Cao

    Mobile phone: 13539377711

    Fixed line: +86-83268989

    E-mail: 1067689298@qq.com

    Website: www.souzj.com

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